Drag racing android save data download

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Drag racing android save data

Could anyone please share there gemikadrosuturkiye.com file for this game please? After changing rom I forgot to back it up and now having to start again. (android 2.x part backup - restore removed cause needs root on many devices, i dont know for sure but maybe and save it as gemikadrosuturkiye.com (you will use it to restore later) Congratulations you have the backup of the game!. DESCRIPTION • Drag Racing game save file • $ • RP • You can update the game after applied this cheat • Only work.

15 Mar Unleash your need for speed with these great racing games for Android We've rounded up the best racing games to be found in the Google Play Store. Save game file, Drag Racing Questions and answers, Android. Drag Racing Premium is the classic top rated Racing Game for Android, Price: $ Save up to 25% on this app and its in-app items when you purchase Amazon.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR HOW TO HACK INTO DRAG RACING AND 3)with help of your root explorer go to /data/data/gemikadrosuturkiye.comcing/files/save. dat. 4) replace gemikadrosuturkiye.com with one you just have downloaded. If you just hit uninstall your save data might still be intact. the app.. an example of this would be drag racing, where I've lost my game data. here r save game files, just copy this both files to "/data/data/gemikadrosuturkiye.comvemobile. DragRacing/files" using root explorer or similar app dont forget. To run our Drag Racing games on Windows or Apple computers, please install User data is stored on a device memory; therefore, it is impossible to transfer data In online modes you race against users playing Android and iOS versions.